Truck Mounted Stationary Pump

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FOCUS truck-mounted concrete pump main features:
  1. DONGFENG or JIEFANG chassis with EURO III emission standard are available;
  2. CARTER diesel engine with high power;
  3. highly efficient pumping system and reliable hydraulic system;
  4. SIEMENS latest logic control module with simple circuit.
GERMANY DEUTZ 6-cylinder diesel engine GERMANY REXROTH’s main oil pump AMERICA EATON VICKERS’s control valve
Cleaning steel pipe and hose Auto-lubricating system Main oil cylinder’s sealing parts
Control panel Wired remote-control Hard alloy eyeglass plate and incising ring
High-low-pressure switch valve designed with patent Bucket Water tank
Radiator Valve group Landing leg operating handle
Mixing operating handle Hydraulic oil tank warming phosphorization Hose buckling device
Pollution degree indicator Vehicle cleaning high-pressure water pump Baking finish room

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Main Technical Parameters for CA5120THB Truck-mounted Concrete Pump
  Item Name Unit Parameters
Parameters for the Whole Truck Product Model   HDT5120THB
Overall Dimension (length×width×height) mm 9000×2490×3000
Full-load Total Weight kg 12000
Max. Traveling Speed km/h 93
Min. Turning Radius m 18
Max. Grade Ability % 37
Approach Angle 22
Departure Angle 13
Main Pumping Technical Parameters Diesel Engine Model   BF6M1013CEP
Emission Standard   European Ⅱ
Max. Engine Power kW 161/2300(kW/(r/min))
Oil Consumption g/kw.h 205
Main System Pressure MPa 32
 Hydraulic Oil Cooling Model   Wind cooling
Theoretical Concrete Output M3/h 90
Theoretical Concrete Pressure (high/low) MPa 12
Pumping Times(high/low) times/min 22
Rated Horizontal Delivery Height m 180
Delivery Pipe Diameter mm Φ125
Feeding Bucket Volume L 0.6
Feeding Height mm 1330
Concrete Landslide Degree cm 8~23
Max. Aggregate Size mm 40
Distributing Valve Mode   S-Valve
Water Tank Volume L 500
Lubricating Mode   Self-lubricating
Pumping main technical parameters Chassis Model   CA1120PK2L2EA80
Wheel Base mm 4700
Engine Model   BF4M1013-16E3
Emission Standard   European Ⅲ
Max. Engine Power kW 118
Max. Engine Torque N.m 620/1400r/min
Cylinder Diameter × Stroke  mm 108*130
Displacement L 4.764
Oil Consumption within 100 kilometers L 0.193
Oil Tank Capacity L 200